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Android SQLite Database Tutorial

Android platform provide many ways to store data of users and application.We have commonly used database like a SQL Server,MySQL and Oracle for the manipulation of the data. SQLite is inbuilt database provided by android. SQLite is light weight database In this tutorial we shall see how to perform CURD(Create,Update,Retrieve,Delete) operation on database and how to store image in database and retrieve image from database.

Here we follow one example application for learn how to create database in Android and perform Insert,Update,Delete Operation by using Android.I have created database called AndroidSQLite and one table called Products with four column id (INT),productidno (TEXT),productname (TEXT),productprice (TEXT).

Create new Android Application called AndroidSQLite give package name com.idroid.androidsqlite and click next until you reach at finish. After creating new application follow below steps to perform all database application.