Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How to Create Android Project in Eclipse IDE

This post teach you how to create new android project in Eclipse IDE. For creating android project you have must set up Eclipse Android Development Environment if you have already set up Android Development Environment directly Go through below step otherwise follow This Post

Follow few below steps to Create New Android Application/Project :

  1. Select File > New > Android Project
  2. After Selecting Android > Android Project > Click Next
  3. Now You need to specify below all application content
    • Application Name : Simply name of your Application.
    • Package Name : Provide package name as identifier of your project as well as organization Example : com.idroid.livecurrencyexchange all character must be small because it is follow naming conversation of Java
    • Create Activity (Optional): Name of your launcher activity name which is called first when your project runs Example : MySampleApp. It is also follow java class naming conversation.
    • Min SDK Version : Minimum API Version in which your application properly run and also run on above version.If it is blank than system automatically defines minSdkVersion in you Manifiest file.
  4. Click Finish your new android project created.

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