Thursday, 11 July 2013

How to set up your android environment in Eclipse IDE

For getting started Android development you need to install first Software Development Kit (SDK) You can download from below link or you can get from your friends  
Download Eclipse IDE from below link and make sure you are downloading Eclipse IDE for Java Developers  
After Downloading both the files now Eclipse IDE and Software Development Kit which is Android SDK now available on you system. Now you need to set up ADT (Android Development Toolkit) plugin for that start your eclipse IDE and select help => Install New software => Popup will be appear copy and past below url to Work with text box and add it. On Add Site dialog provide any name or write ADT completion of this process your ADT plugin configure.  
Now you need to setup for Software Development Kit (SDK) for that in Eclipse Select Window -> Preferences, and then Android. and browse SDK path which you have downloaded previously. Finally you can click on Window -> Android SDK and AVD Manager. In the Installed packages pane, we see the Android SDK Tools we just installed and Also create one (Android Virtual Device)AVD for android application testing purpose.

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